In Johannesburg!

Started at 8:30 Sat am and arrive at our friends house in Johannesburg at 7:30 local time. So what is that 29 hours? Ugh. But we are here with the lovely Thieme family enjoying the pool, the porch, and a yummy spaghetti-bog dinner. it’s so nice to be relaxing and enjoying a nice class of wine after the long flight. All in all it was not too bad. We were all delayed getting into Dulles (thunderstorm) but the 5 hour layover left us plenty of time for a rousing game of Bananagrams.

The flights were long and boring but happily over. Had no troubles with immigration or customs in Joburg airport. Changed some money and called out taxi service (There and Back), who dropped us off at the Thieme’s house. Tomorrow we are off to the airport early, where we will meet Mom and Dad. They have been here for a week in a lodge they scored at a Habitat auction. They’ve seen lions and rhinos and cheetah and had a great time. Tomorrow we will fly up to Kasane for our boat cruise (see Steph’s earlier post for a pic).

More soon!

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