Off on safari!

Posted by Christie

It’s Sunday morning here and we are headed off on Safari in an hour or so. We have spent thee lovely days in Maun. Judy, Reg, Kate and Ted have been at Steph and Nigel’s house, while Mom, Dad, Emily and I have been stating 10 minutes away at the Maun Lodge.

Friday the kids went to school in the morning, and then we did the scenic flight in the afternoon. Saturday we rented a boat from a friend of Steph’s and cruised up the Boro River. It’s a flat booze cruiser with shade and we could sit up front with our legs dangling off the edge. The cool river felt a little shocking at first, but was delightful. We spent most of the day out there. We got to fish for a while, and we even stopped to swim, and we didn’t bother the cows who were in the river much. The water is incredibly high, there was a sign at river lodge that was just out of the water, which is normally the TOP over the gate that you walk through… so the river is over six feet higher than usual.

Have included a few pix of Steph’s house and yard, and the adored Blaze. It’s a lovely spot! Oh and there’s also a few pix of the washed out road and the temporary dam.

We won’t have any Internet in the bush… So thats all until Friday. Have a great week, all!














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