Prague does not suck!

We are loving it here 🙂 !!! The city is beautiful. Yesterday we both arrived around 3 and ventured out to find some food and then groceries. Dinner was lovely! We sat in a cafe overlooking the river. Relaxing and delightful.

Afterwards we wandered toward the old town looking for groceries. We found a Tesco (huge multi level dept store) with all that we could ever need. It was great, but we had to look on 4 floors to find coffee filters. Hmmmm. Back to the flat at about 8 and Melissa kept my eyes pried open tIl 10 when we finally crashed. There was a bit of loud noise thought the night (M says it was more than “a bit”) but I slept thru it (earplugs came in handy).

This morning we employed our new filters only to find that the milk we had purchased was in fact yogurt. Whoops! Way to read those Czech labels. Oh well, black coffee is better than no coffee!

Spent the day walking the city. First to the famous Charles bridge, which is only about 6 minutes from our front door. We wandered across taking lots of pix.. Musicians, artists, jewelry, and lots and lots of people. Next we headed up the hill towards the castle. We checked out lots of shops and galleries. No purchases yet. Lots of time left. Then on to Prague castle. We bought the “limited” ticket, which got us in to several, but not quite all,the buildings that are part of the castle. The hill was quite steep and it was hot and humid so we cooled off for a bit with a frappe coffee ( not quite as good as those Greek ones Judy, but they were refreshing!)

Inside the grounds, we started in St. Vitus cathedral, where the stained glass was breath taking. Next into royal palace, where apparently some rebels threw the lords out the window one year (defenestration, in case you need a new vocabulary word). Then into St. George’s Basilica, which is much older and more rustic. The final part was the cutest street ever, called Golden Lane. There were about 24 tiny houses, with tiny beds, and tables, etc. people are much taller now than when these were built. Even I felt compelled to stoop. Above the houses is a long room containing about 100 suit of armor and some seriously intense weapons. There was even a guy who was setting people up to to shoot a Crossbow. We refrained. Great spot for all the Game of Thrones fans out there.

By this point we were exhausted but couldn’t pass up the final stop… The Daliborka, containing the dungeon, some prisoner cages, and the creepiest yet, a “body cage”. Yikes! It was also now raining and the temp had dropped 15 degrees. We ducked into a lovely museum cafe nearby for a rest and some tasty lunch. It was well after 3 by the time we left.

Just down the lane a bit, we came across a vineyard, and were compelled to stay and taste the local white. Delightful! The sun came back out and the view of the old town was gorgeous. Finally we tore ourselves away and headed back across the river to the main square in the Old Town area. Lots of people, vendors, food stalls and cafes.

Our final stop for the day was a return to Tesco… Got real milk this time, and some picnic food for dinner… Then back to the flat. It was nearly 8…. Melissa informs me that we have accomplished four of the “top ten things to do in Prague” ( according to her awesome Top 10 guidebook). We weren’t even trying. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.










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