Pride of the Zambezi

Posted by Christie

Monday we woke up and had a lovely breakfast withe the Thiemes. There was traffic so the taxi was a bit late. But we got to the airport in plenty of time… Enough to get Judy’s passport from the exchange where we left it… Oops. But that disaster averted, we checked in and wandered the airport for a bit. The plane was on time and we were in Kasane early because it was a jet, not a prop plane.

We waited a bit for the transfers to the boat, but eventually went in and called Steph. It was so fun to talk to her. Soon Sam was there to pick us up in a large land rover. We went down the hill to the boat landing, where Steph and Nigel were waiting for us. So great to see them. After big hugs, we went into the Botswana customs house and then to the small boat, across the river and up the hill to the Namibia customs. So yay, lots of stamps in the passport, and a new country for my list.

Once the immigration issues were sorted, we took the boat up the river to the big boat, Pride of the Zambezi. The first view of it was fantastic. The rooms are gorgeous and there is a lovely lounge where we eat and hang out. The wind blows strong and keeps us cool. It’s probably 90 in the sun but lovely in the shade.

We settled in and met all the crew. Alfred is our captain, Bevin and Destiny the guides. Emil has owned the boat since last December. He refurbished it completely and they have been hosting guests since March. It really is quite spectacular. We decided to float up the river a bit and into Chobe park. We saw lots of elephants, lechwe, impala and other antelopes. Once we found a spot to moor for the night, we hopped in one of the small boats and went for sundowners and a game cruise. Saw lots more ellies, cape buffalo, baboons, a croc, lots of hippos (from a distance thank you very much). And a million birds.. Storks, spoonbills, herriers, herons, kingfishers and egrets. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. The gin and tonics were tasty as well.

Dinner was delicious! Steaks and salad and roasted veggies. And some kind of amazing pudding in a burnt sugar brandy “boat” — and gluten free too. We lingered and made plans for the morning. This felt like it was the first “real” day of vacation… All the next days stretched out before us. It feels magical and incredibly luxurious. So special to be all by ourselves in a spectacular setting.

(Can’t seem to upload pix… We are in Kasane airport on Thursday headed to Maun. More soon…

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