Packing for Africa

This is harder than it seems… because we have just found out that we can only take 18lbs in one bag aboard the plane.  This is what I had planned, but it turns out that you can ONLY TAKE ONE BAG.  At least according the the airlines website, we can take one thing– an umbrella, or a camera bag, or a pocketbook, or a backpack.  I am seriously hoping I can get to the airport and find that this is misleading.  On the other hand, I don’t want us to get to Dulles and find that we have to repack.  So we will plan on checking at least one bag, and maybe two.

Steph has sent us a packing list:  4 complete changes of clothes, a lightweight long sleeved shirt, bush hat, bandanas, flashlights, toiletries and medicine, two pairs of shoes, long underwear, fleece, windbreaker, reading material, cards and games, etc.  It’s the camera gear that’s getting me… I am at almost 18 lbs with camera bag alone.

In addition, we are off to visit a friend in Johannesburg with a project.  She and her family are helping a little league team in Alexandria.  When I asked what I could bring her from the states, she had a surprising answer– sports gear.  They need cleats and baseball gear for the team.  SO the kids have been asking their friends for cast-offs.  Christie managed to secure a bunch in Raleigh, and we will be bringing some as well.  You can learn more about this cool project here.

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