Stephanie’s Pets

We arrived at Nigel and Stephanie’s lovely house in Maun yesterday. Her dog Blaze was so happy to see her and all of us that her tail nearly fell off from excessive wagging. This morning we joked that the dog must be depressed. Not!

Much to Nigel’s amazement Kate befriended the cat named “Three” (as in the third one). Nigel says Three doesn’t like people. Kate, the cat whisperer, is the exception. She carries Three around the house petting and snuggling her.

This morning before heading off to a local school, Ted fed the chickens.

There’s another cat named “ET”. It was in terrible shape without any fur when Steph found it outside her back fence. The Cantle’s got instructions from the vet on how to nurse the cat back to health. Today she’s fine, but still ugly.

The yard has several bird feeders that were quickly restocked before our steak and potatos dinner last night.

The river is quite high this year and comes close to the back fence. Nigel says, however, that the level has already fallen several feet. There are crocs in the river — some from the croc farm tourist attraction that flooded up river releasing a bunch of crocs (twice) and some wild crocs.

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