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landing in Africa

Yes we’ve landed in Africa after 20 tedious hours on a plane.Now were sitting at one of my mom’s old friends house they’re awesome and they have a pool. I went swimming I bet it was 73 degrees brrrrrrr. We leave tomorrow at 8:30 for Botswana YAY.

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In Africa

We are now in Africa! We have one more plane ride tomorrow, and then no more untill we leave. 😀 We just met these kids our ages who are the sons/daughters of my parent’s friends. (We are staying with them for the night.) This trip will be so awesome! Can’t wait to go on safari!

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Almost time

Had a great week in South Africa, but we are so excited to see everyone on Monday!

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Cast of Characters

Thought it would be fun to post some shots of who’s along for this crazy ride. Have added a bunch of my favorite shots from the last time we visited Steph, in 2007.      

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Packed is now what I am. Also, I’m totally excited!

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To Pack or Not to Pack, That is the Question

To pack I guess, no use trying to avoid it now. With just one (school) day left, I am still not ready. Also, I have yet to decide when to do all my work, on the plane, right now, when I get back, in Africa? Decisions, decisions. Well, I’m off to pack.

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What will the kids be learning?

We struggled with the decision to take the kids out of school: for Emily, this is a serious problem with her AP classes.  Our timing choices for Stephanie were September or March, and September is far more preferable from an academic standpoint.  From a political perspective, I think it is a shame that this sort […]

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This time next week

At this time next week, we will be onboard this lovely houseboat, enjoying sundowners on the bank of the Chobe River!

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Packing for Africa

This is harder than it seems… because we have just found out that we can only take 18lbs in one bag aboard the plane.  This is what I had planned, but it turns out that you can ONLY TAKE ONE BAG.  At least according the the airlines website, we can take one thing– an umbrella, […]

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Ummm packing?

Well, this is a new one. All over the house, there are piles of stuff. Everyone is supposed to have assembled their things against a list, but only Ted and I have actually done that. And we both have pilfered the piles. To add insult to injury, I checked the weather map and found that […]

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