Off to Europe!

I’m heading to Prague and Berlin next week to visit some friends. Melissa used to live here in Durham, but is now teaching in an International School in Frankfurt. She was in Europe last summer and she did some really cool things (glassblowing in Turkey, snorkeling and sailing in Croatia!). So, naturally I asked her back in January at she was up to this summer. She said, “Oh, I don’t know… I was thinking about this pottery school in Prague.”

I didn’t need to hear any more! Prague has been on my hot list of cities for over 20 years, and what’s not to love about pottery in a new place. We started looking at flights and other cities, and the trip came together. We’ll be in Prague for a full week 7/6-7/13, and then will head up to Berlin for another four nights.

Even better… is that UW friend Clare, who now teaches at the U of Nottingham, is joining us for the Prague leg.

Check out our fancy flat in Prague!!!

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