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Logo for Africa 2012 Trip

We’re retiring the Africa 2012 logo from the header of the blog.  Here’s what it looked like cropped for the header:   Here’s an small version of what the original for the t-shirt looked like:

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How’s this for a dinner while Camping?

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More Fun in Chobe

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The Rookery

As I have previously mentioned, I wasn’t exactly the most focused angler on this trip. I loved being on the water, and watching the birds and wildlife, but I lacked the concentration for fishing. At one point, we had headed for a fishing spot on the Chobe/Zambezi over near the Namibian customs/immigration office. As we […]

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A pride of recently fed lions

We catch up to Colin later the same day to find his vehicle parked in the midst of a pride of lions.  It is evident that this group has just killed something large enough to feed a crowd, and they are sated and quite relaxed.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen animals […]

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Leopard with cubs

I did not actually see leopard babies, but here is a follow-up to Kate’s post on the leopard cubs. Our first game drive, and I am in Darryl’s car, and we head over to see where the water is in the new marsh at Savuti.  We are watching a large crocodile sleep on the bank in […]

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Mobile camping

Posted by Judy Colin and Darryl pick us up in safari vehicles, and I admit to feeling totally ludicrous riding around town in them. We climb up to the top and feel totally exposed, especially at high speeds on the tar roads, without so much as a seat belt. Our first destination is Khwai, about […]

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By Judy It’s hard to describe Maun. Officially the gateway to the Okavango Delta, Maun is an interesting place of its own. Stephanie lives on the outskirts of town, but everywhere you go she knows someone. The main streets are paved (known as “tar roads”) but the sidewalks and some of the side roads are […]

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Heading home

Posted by Christie.. We are back in Maun after an amazing 6 days camping in the bush. What a fabulous adventure. Now begins the long trek home. But here’s a few pix to tide you over.

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The past five days we have been in the bush,(the wild)and we just got back to my aunt’s house last night. We were on a tented safari, (going around sleeping in tents) and there was no internet. Since we just had a long period of radio silence, I thought I should show (and tell) you […]

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