Pilsner Urquell (Weds 7/11)

Today was pilsner day! I normally don’t drink beer because of the gluten, but made an exception today. The pilsner Urquell is local, and 12%! After pottery, we headed out to see this cool TV tower, which was designed by the same guy who did the guns from the other day. It’s got several giant babies climbing up the sides. Wild but we loved it.

On the way we checked out the Metro, and right by the exit there was a lovely farmers market where we grabbed some lunch. Then we walked over to the tower and took loads of pix (see below).

We walked back towards the flat through the Wenceslas square, which was highly rated in the guidebook, but seemed a bit of a routine High Street. Fancy shops, loads of people. The National Museum building was quite impressive, but we didn’t go in because the weather has been so nice. It’s has sprinkled almost every day, but 90% of the time it has been absolutely gorgeous (80 degrees, full sun).

We walked down towards The old town again to the first pilsner Urquell pub, and ducked in for a snack and a pint. Excellent, we are on vacation, after all. There were pretzels on the table, and we ordered gulash and sausages and beer cheese It was really our first try at “Czech kitchen” as Ivan calls the Czech cooking. Good but a bit heavy. We then meandered down through the old town again and did some shopping. Stopped at the flat quickly to drop our stuff, and headed out again to dinner at the local pub.









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